Thursday, July 30, 2020


Community Transformation demands that concerted efforts be applied and thus the real need for partnership comes in times like these.
Some of the Communities we serve are in real need.
This family lived in a very risky environment until Hope Mission came to their rescue building for them a shelter that is more reliable.
We still have many more families in the same state and even worse in un reached areas.
Yet we also have issues with responsible persons that have taken people's lives for granted. This needs to come to an end.

Wednesday, July 1, 2020


Local Sustainable Communities Organisation (LOSCO) is a not-for- profit Non- Government Organisation founded by a group of Church Leaders, Social Workers and Local Community Development Workers to bring about practical inclusive development through promoting inclusive policies and practices. LOSCO emerged as a result of informal discussions and sharing of experiences between Social Workers and Local Community Development Workers where women participants testified to the extent the development effort had failed to respond to the development needs of the marginalised community. One of the reasons for the lack of domestic programming was attributed to lack of appreciation of the role and impact that this distinct vulnerable population—women and their families—had on advancing the development process. It was observed that development partners in Uganda required support for including the marginalized communities in decision making, strengthening management capacity, and accessing current information on women and development trends and best practice. It was further noted that given the opportunity, development partners could advance an inclusive development process by providing the women groups and their communities with the opportunity to participate and be engaged as leaders in the development process. This opportunity had yet to be offered to the majority of communities in Uganda.
In February 2017, a defining moment in the structuring of the LOSCO under the church arrangement was the establishment of the Working Group composed of representative members from all the marginalised groups. Since the original initiative, LOSCO has evolved into a legally registered Non-governmental organisation under the Non-governmental organisation’s Registration Statute 1989. And it is incorporated under the companies Act, Cap. 110 as a company limited by Guarantee; 
Envisioning  Stable and Sustainable community development.

Local Sustainable Communities Organisation (LOSCO) is a Not for Profit Non-Governmental Community Based Organisation in 2017, Incorporated in 2019 under Uganda National Registration Bureau (URSB) as a company limited by guarantee and registered under NGO Act 2016 with National NGO Bureau regulated by Ministry of Internal Affairs and the National NGO Bureau and Registered with the Financial Intelligence Authority.
It Envisioned a "Stable and Sustainable Community Development"
LOSCO is member of KICSOF (Kigezi Civil Society Forum), DENIVA (Development Network of indigenous Voluntary Associations), NCHRD-U (National Coalition for Human Rights Defenders Uganda), UYONET (Uganda Youth Network), CCEDU (Citizens' Coalition for Electoral Democracy in Uganda), AWID (Association of Women Rights in Development), Defend Defenders, DPI (Defenders Protection Initiative), IIEA (Irise Institute East Africa), UNNGOF (Uganda National NGO Forum) and AFRONGO (African NGO Council)  to create a place with activities and support services that would cater to the specific needs of a wider community. Today, we are the most dependable community based organisation with a variety of programs and services. Since our inception, we have proudly served several and different categories of persons in the community and realize the significance of a positive influence on the development of the society having established partnerships with different Organisations and Government agencies like Kigezi Health Care Foundation (KIHEFO), Kick Corruption out of Uganda (KICK-U), Kigezi Women in Development (KWID), Garden of Prosperity women development association (GOP), Africa House of Hope (HOH), Kabale District Local Government (KDLG), Kabale Municipal Council (KMC) among others and have a strong governance structure with the General Assembly as the policy making body to which the Board reports. The Board members are elected during annual general assembly. The Board is composed of Chairman, Vice Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer and 3 members. It is responsible for making decisions and approving development plans. The Executive Officer is an Ex Official to the Board Meetings and AGM.
The management structure has the Executive Director as the head of the Secretariat and reports to the Board. He is supported by 5 experienced staff as Programs Manager, Finance & Administration Manager, Programs Consultant and Programs officers.


Major Goal: To Advocate for Human Rights and Empower the distressed, needy, neglected and vulnerable population in Uganda Socially and Economically by providing them with necessary assistance for purposes of self sustainability and Development

The Objectives are:

F  To bring social reforms in communities through training and sensitisation of individuals and masses, Women empowerment organizing, mobilizing, developing capacity and skills and creating provision of inclusion in decision making process in family and community enabling them to become economically and socially independent.

F  To promote social Justice in all spheres of life such as education, health, recreation, and employment, child protection and training in positive parenting and rights and responsibilities of children and PWDs.

F  To motivate and empower people in various socio-economic sectors for their arousal and working for community welfare and betterment of humanity.

F  To do all such other things as are incidental or conductive to the attainment of those objects.

The work of LOSCO is divided into five complementary and mutually supportive goals related to the primary means of action: Advocacy, Education (capacity building) through knowledge sharing, research & networking, Health and Agricultural improvement through advancement & environmental protection as well as infrastructural development. 

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