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(Kabale 12th August 2021)  As citizens of a society, each child assumes rights that should be upheld, independent to their parents. It is therefore not out of charity that we act to help children, rather it is an imperative act.

The Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) no. 4 and 5 are among the 8 goals whose target is to reduce child and maternal morbidity and mortality. Uganda like other UN members subscribed to the MDGs. There has been a progress in achieving most of the MDGs but MDG5 has been a challenge to most countries including Uganda.

Although it is not yet realized in practice, child advocacy seems to represent the recognition by society that the developmental needs of its children are so important that they must be ensured as rights to be promoted and protected.

A 27-year-old woman Aharimpisa Caroline who produced triplets at Rugarama hospital has called on leaders and well-wishers her for assistance in these critical times. Aharimpisa a resident of Ikamiro parish, Muko Sub county Rubanda District had her triplets on 26th July 2021.

To one of the Officers at LOSCO, Aharimpisa said that she was operated before delivering. She says due to severe bleeding, the health workers donated blood to save her life. She has nothing to sell at home which could have generated the much-needed financial assistance because she provides manual labour digging for other people. The father to the triplets Mr. Tusasibwe Bosco aged 32 yrs also said he survives on casual work providing manual labour making bricks for other people and providing for the family of 5 people has become a real challenge thus leaving the family in dire need.

Mugisha John Baptist, a ward doctor at Rugarama Hospital said the triplets were prematures. He adds that the mother does not have enough breast milk to breastfeed the triplets and so needs heavy financial support to enable here proper feeding. The New Borns are being taken care of from Rugarama Hospital in Kabale District.

Children do not have political power or a democratic voice, and generally have actions done to them, often without their consent. Without others, advocating for a child, the health and wellbeing of children will be thrown into unprecedented jeopardy, which as Human Rights Advocates will not allow.


We therefore recommend that:

1.      Office of the Prime Minister (OPM) to give emergency support to such families well knowing that many of them are in the same state due to the recent COVID-19 Pandemic in the country.

2.      The Area Members of parliament get firsthand information from their communities (grass root levels) and isolate such issues up for effective policy discussion at National Level.

3.      Ministry of Health (MoH) (Primary Health Care) gives priority to such endangered children to secure their future through increased budget for Child Health

4.      The Ministry of Health (MoH) at all levels to review budget guidelines to align with Child Welfare services need.


For more information, please contact:

Mr. Taremwa Albert – Executive Director – LOSCO - +256772935100

Mr. Kakingwa Chrisantuhs – Head of Advocacy – LOSCO - +256779797308   

Ms. Moreen Ashiimwe – Head of F&A – LOSCO -+256781347168  



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