Friday, September 3, 2021

Its Great taking part in 5 day TOT with WOUGNET, DHRLabs & GIZ. It is Knowledge when it is shared. Such a training is a means to empower many People who have faced OBV(Online Based Violence) a Great Human Rights Concern. 

LOSCO will continue to be a part of the great change that we desire to see. Have you faced any kind of Violence online? Faced a Challenge with your Account? Been Conned from Internet? Its time to put all that to an excruciating end!!!

We are here for you!!

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Thursday, September 2, 2021


We had a detailed meeting with the DPC of Kabale Central Police station discussing issues of Human Rights. Mr. Byansi Muhammad clearly stated the Human Rights challenges in Kabale are appalling where families are killing themselves, Men cutting their wives because of Land Wrangles, other communities making their own rules of engagement on suspects. Land Wrangles and Domestic Violence are the leading issues in Kabale.

We came to agree that Sensitisation on Human rights and Community policing are the key actions to be taken to curtail these vices. LOSCO is preparing a Dialogue with all stakeholders in the wake of all these matters.

Safety and Justice are the major Interventions for the lives of all Ugandans.

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