Saturday, August 29, 2020

 This is the Building at Plot 110, Kabale Mbarara Rd where we are Located.

Friday, August 28, 2020


Local Sustainable Communities Organisation (LOSCO) was a part of the Annual General Meeting with National Coalition for Human Rights Defenders  on the 28th August 2020 a Member of the Human Rights Defenders.

National Coalition of Human Rights Defenders Uganda (NCHRD-U) is a consortium of 160 organisations and individuals working to promote and protect human rights in Uganda. The coalition initiated in June, 2013 as a loose organization playing a unique role of coordinating HRDs in Uganda to work collectively in promoting synergy, cooperation and collaboration to effectively advance the protection and safety for HRDs is now a fully legally registered. The NCHRDU’s vision is to promote and uphold the dignity and right of every HRD in Uganda with a mission to protect and promote the work of HRDs in safe and secure environment through linkages with national, regional and international like-minded entities.

Objectives of the AGM

·         To generate a conversation on HRD resilience and coping mechanism during challenging times

·          To provide accountability to members by reflecting on the progress of the coalition across 2019 specifically important milestones achievements, success, and challenges.

·         To provide for an electoral process to re-constitute two thematic working groups; Youth and Disability rights working groups

·         To provide Human Rights Defenders opportunity to network and synergize

Outcomes of the AGM

·         A conversation held on the HRD resilience and coping mechanism during challenging times

·         A reflection on the progress of the coalition held and members chat a way forward for the next implementing period for the secretariat.

·         The Two thematic working groups constituted through an electoral process.

·         Human Rights Defenders provided an opportunity to network and synergize.

One of the Partners Jane giving a Presentation on the state of Human Rights Defenders in Uganda
                                 Members in attendance

                       A group Photo for all members in attendance.

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