Thursday, May 26, 2022



LOSCO today paid a courtesy visit to the Kigezi Regional Police Commander; SSP Ibrahim Saiga for a discussion on the rising cases of murders related to gender based violence. During the visit, the Commander agreed and clearly explained that property inheritance and Land related disputes are some of the leading causes of continuous killings in the region, with Rukungiri district topping the chats where in the Month of May alone, 15 lives have been lost. In appreciation of the LOSCO Saiga requested that we actively sensitize both men and women since they are equally affected by domestic violence.

Kigezi presents a unique position where both men and women are equally involved compared to other regions where women are mostly affected and this calls for community sensitisation and Human rights Education.

In most cases, the people who bought the land are not in the picture when the atrocities are being committed especially where the sons and daughters of the deceased are involved. In other cases, the limited job opportunities cause men to be desperate and end up selling the produce that women (their wives) pay steeply with their seat to have for food to their children and this always does not go well with both as Kigezi has continued to witness a steep rise in such challenges.

Women also contribute to economies through their work in caring for families. However, this is often not acknowledged or reflected in national economies, despite lobbying by women’s organisations.

Both push and pull factors have contributed to women increasingly taking up employment. Women and girls in particular suffer from inequitable land rights and experience restricted access to resources and inheritance. Boys and men can also be denied access, such as when the first son inherits more than the second or third son. Rights to resources may also affect ability to access other resources or services. For example, a woman’s lack of land ownership or rights may inhibit her ability to access credit, as land is often used as collateral. Achieving more equitable access to resources offers significant opportunities both for economic growth and for women’s empowerment

Sunday, May 22, 2022



This morning, I paid a visit to the Regional Prisons Commander – Kigezi Region SSP Festo Sambya and among the issues discussed are ways and means of collaboration to promote Human Rights in the Prisons Service. One of the ways is through building the capacity of Officers through Human Rights Education and venturing into community service with a view of deconstructing the narrative that exists between communities and prisons.

“We would want to establish working relationships with other Human Rights Activists so that our services are not perceived from the wrong angle and if all our OCs in the region are taken through a Human Rights training, it would be a welcome initiative for us and the country as a whole. No one can stand alone”. SSP Festo Sambya RPC Kigezi Region

Issues provided for in Article 44 of Ugandan Constitution 1995 several Human Rights issues are continuously addressed inappropriately. About Prohibition of derogation from particular human rights and freedoms. Whereby Notwithstanding anything in this Constitution, there shall be no derogation from the enjoyment of the following rights and freedoms—

(a) freedom from torture and cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment;

(b) freedom from slavery or servitude;

(c) the right to fair hearing;

(d) the right to an order of habeas corpus.

This in the Prisons Service needs to be well versed with and need to be handled as a matter of urgency.

LOSCO has a Mandate to work in partnership with all Government Agencies, Departments and Agencies for improvement of Human Rights Situation in the Region  and the country for Development and Peaceful Co-existence.

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