Friday, September 16, 2022


Stand 4 Her land Campaign has an enormous ambition of making land rights a reality for millions of women around the world, including our beloved country Uganda and it works through collective country led advocacy aimed at closing the implementation gaps between normative aspirations reflected in Uganda’s laws and the lived realities and practice in regards to women’s land rights.

It’s well understood the nature of Tenure in Uganda, this can be dealt with through removing the social, and structural barriers that prevent women from exercising their land rights and ensuring that land tenure governance, reforms and processed equitably include and benefit women.


LOSCO in Partnership with UCOBAC and NLC-U envisages the five key campaign strategic advocacy priority areas to actualize the women’s land rights. They include transformation of social norms and cultural practices that prevent women from accessing, owning and controlling land; adequate financing, skilling and capacitating of land governance institutions to support WRL; increased legal literacy on WLRs for all, enhanced access to land justice for women; and strengthened participation, voice and agency of grassroots women in land governance.


The need to move from Talk to Action especially the need to understand Land in relation to Climate Change considering the linkage through Recognizing the role that Land plays in Climate - Providing and holding resources. Western economies pay to keep the natural resources. Who are the best people to keep? the owners. Avail Alternatives. Maintain the Carbon sinks intact i.e Swamps and Forests.


Address peer pressure for men taking equal stand as women. Empower men too because Titling cannot solve women's land issues.



Has it matured or retrogressed? Human Rights Argument trying to enlight that women have the right to own and possess property too.

Equity, women over 50% of the population and more than 70% in Agriculture.

Thus, Women would have more rights to own the Land. Enable the Woman to Clearly and resourcefully empower the owners of this Land.

Consider Succession Act, CEDAW, ICSER

Administrative Regulations and need to fill the big gap that exists in implementation of the Law...

Land Rights Laws for women have existing controversies for instance Marriage is upon Canon Law and divorce is done via Statutory Law....

The issue of Duty bearers in public offices that facilitate corruption through bureaucratic tendencies



- Land Rights are personal with societal implications. They are interpersonal. Get to private spaces for influence to Materialize.

- Appeal to the man to appreciate the need for inclusion of women in the titles.

- Do stakeholder analysis for collaborative traction and involve program style interventions than Project ones. Consider prevalence than severity

- Interventions need maturity periods. The political will has a telling impact. Work on women as a Constituency.

- The campaign can target CP LCIII and V to nominate strategic women on the Committees. Target the duty bearers. That is Practice Activism.

 There is no Blue print on how National policy is incorporated into Land Rights


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